Anfia Service


ANFIA Service, after a decade of experimentation in the field of distance learning platforms, has developed its own platform in collaboration with an important young and dynamic company that has been operating in the sector for 15 years and already has an important customer base. For this platform, we have created our first digital contents, which dynamically adapt to a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This makes it possible to increase the speed and flexibility of training and information processes, at the same time reducing costs and organizational costs.

There is a growing need for updating and increasing skills, but it must face the limited availability of time for (those who are) the subjects of this need.

It is therefore necessary to help companies and individuals to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of training activities also through:

  • Use of the courses with maximum flexibility (where, how, and when you want)
  • Monitoring the progress of activities (the platform keeps track of the activities performed)
  • Interactive mode for presenting the topics
  • Certificate issue directly on the platform
  • Possibility of interaction with the teachers after having participated in the training, on set dates.

Benefits for companies:

  • Use of the course in the manner defined by each participant
  • Elimination of travel expenses to reach the course locations
  • No slowdown in business activities, because participants are no longer involved in in-house courses
  • Use of forms of blended learning in which, following an online preparatory course, we continue with more demanding forms of learning

Have a  good training!

Last modified: Thursday, 3 October 2019, 6:02 PM